Starting a Food Business at Home

Starting and running a food business at home can be a highly viable business and worth the effort of navigating and complying with the current NZ food safety regulations. We've put together a collection of food safety resources along with points to consider to help you get started.

Planning to Open a Home-Based Food Business

Like when starting any new business, undertaking due diligence is key to its success. But that's not the only thing you need to understand before you begin; welcome to the world of food safety rules and regulations. 

The Food Act 2014 was designed to ensure that all food sold throughout the country is safe to consume. It has a sliding scale, where high risk food based businesses must follow more stringent requirements than another down the chain of selling the products. The Food Act 2014 has two specific food safety measures:

  1. Food Control Plans or FCPs - these are written plans which detail the day-to-day specifics for managing food safety and are used by higher risk businesses.

Posted: Wednesday 22 December 2021

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