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Waka, kayak, dragonboat and swimfast ergometers.

It’s time for a change in mind set. Think what the spin bike does for cycling, and the hours spent by the rowers on the rowing ergometers. These are all complimentary to their respective sports. It’s not meant to replace the actual activity. Ergometer training simply adds another dimension to your training regime to add some strength and conditioning to your paddling. There are also the obvious benefits of convenience too when you can’t make it out onto the water, and the huge benefits of being able to coach standing right next to the paddler to correct stroke and technique. Don’t get left behind…

These ergometers are designed for high input by professional and novice paddlers, and can handle multi-user use in gyms and clubs. The ergometers are made of extremely robust steel construction and easy operating mechanisms, to allow for easy use and adjustment. They are fully performance calibrated and give the same “on-the-water” feel as real paddling.
The KayakPro Ergometers come complete with an adjustable shaft and variable paddling resistance.
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