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LookAt offers stationery at New Zealand's lowest prices and it's 100% Kiwi owned and operated. LookAt has a "no frills" approach, so there's no free chocolates or fancy calendars, just consistently low prices.


LookAt started after our founding member, Michael tried to negotiate some good stationery prices with a major American company (“OM” for short ) for a lot of his clients (his day job is cutting costs for companies). After being treated like a small town hick boy in a meeting, he called a good mate of his and also another founding member, Damien. And after lots of “F#$%s”, “S^&*s” and “A@#^&*%s”, LookAt was formed.

LookAt started 4 years ago as the “David amongst the Goliath” in the office supplies and stationery business. LookAt is 100% New Zealand owned and operated and we thought it was about time Kiwis got what they deserved – good honest prices.

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Michael David Masterson
New Zealand

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