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As a health and wellbeing coach, I help people become slim, fit and healthy so that they can prevent the onset of lifestyle related illnesses. I support clients to change their habits in order to gain long term health and wellbeing. I also help clients choose the best natural supplements for their needs.


A while ago I changed careers from a counsellor to a health and wellbeing coach because I love to work with people who wish to improve their health and wellbeing, not only to look and feel great, but to have more energy thereby improving the quality of their lives.

As a Health and Wellbeing Coach, I support clients to make changes to achieve long lasting results. I am also passionate about natural health.  With today's modern way of mass food production, much of our food is lacking in vital nutrients and antioxidants.  While good nutrition is a great foundation, natural health supplements help to ensure we are getting enough nutrients and that our nutrients are being properly absorbed where it is needed.  Get in touch with me if you need help with choosing the right supplements for you.

When it comes to keeping to a healthy weight, I believe that prevention is better than cure and found this to me true for me when I made changes to my lifestyle. For years I tried every diet available on the market, only to find that while I was good at dieting and losing weight, I was not good at keeping it off. In fact, before now, I was never able to maintain my new weight. Desperate for a solution, I went searching for a better way and that's when I discovered a new method that works.  

As a result, I am passionate about helping others get off the yo-yo dieting treadmill and not only achieve but maintain their new healthy lifestyle.  If you need support with becoming slim, fit and healthy, get in touch with me.

Mission: To support, encourage, inspire, empower and equip for success.

Vision: Creating change to get you from where you are to where you wish to be.

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Helen Day
New Zealand

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