Execu Enterprises ltd, t/a W5H Global (NZ)

Integrity Assessments (lie detection/truth verification, psychometric assessments) Investigation support, pre-employment vetting, workplace surveys, infidelity assessments Behaviour management programs, organisational change


Execu Enterprises Ltd, t/a W5H Global (New Zealand) a Wellington-based business, provides a specialist Integrity assessment service, using psychometric assessments, as well as EyeDetect (Ocular-motor detection of deception, as reliable and accurate as the polygraph, without the possibility or examiner bias or examiner error, as well as being less invasive as the polygraph technique).

We can assist whenever the need arises for any of the following:

-Pre-employment vetting using high-level psychometric assessments. An extensive test array is available, ranging from basic assessments to industry-specific assessments, from comprehensive aptitude assessments to senior executive assessments. (The test array is totally multi-cultural, ensuring no bias towards any specific cultural group)

-Investigative support to assist with workplace investigations (dishonesty, deliberate sabotage, workplace bullying, sexual harassment claims, etc). A combination of psychometric and EyeDetect testing is available which renders an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability. Structured interviews into unacceptable behaviour are also available.

-Bespoke Behaviour management programs to encourage acceptable behaviour and discourage unacceptable behaviour.

-Organisational change management programs.

-Domestic violence, infidelity, deviant sexual behaviour. 

In short, whenever you need to know the truth, we can assist.

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Johan van Rooyen
New Zealand
09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday Weekends, public holidays by special arrangement.

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