Peak Coaching

Helping business owners build the value of their business through the 8 drivers of building value.

Peak Coaching supports business owners by identifying the eight drivers of value in your business and how they contribute to your business value. We work with all types of businesses but you will need a commitment to business and personal growth and an eye to the end in mind.

Why you need to be ready

  • 76% of business owners, mostly baby boomers expect to retire in the next 10 years
  • Two thirds of businesses on the market do not sell. Potentially thats millions of dollars in unrealised value.
  • You are likely to only get one shot at getting your business sale ready.
  • The market is not liquid. There are few buyers
  • You are the key investor in your business.

"Building a business will make you a living. Selling a business will make you a fortune"

  • When and how should you begin?
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Let's work together to get your business in a position to make it attactive to prospective buyers..
  • Get personally ready for selling your business and/or retirement, as you prepare to hand the vision of your business over to new owners.
  • Build a legacy for your business that will remain after you have exited the day to day operation and strategy of it.

Click on the link below to get your Value Builder Score (this will identify how ready your business is for sale)

Click on the link below to get your Pre Score (this will identify how ready you personally are to exit your business)


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