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At NFP we do things a little bit differently. We are dedicated to strengthening the not-for-profit sector because you are doing our most important work. NFP believes that by us really understanding you, we can build tailored solutions that meet your greatest needs.

What we often see in organisations is that time constraint and lack of resource impacts on their ability to fundraise and communicate as effectively as they’d like. We know you’re busy delivering to your cause and sometimes undertaking fundraising and communications can be a challenge when you’re stretched. Having strong fundraising and communications programmes will ultimately help you to create more impact. That’s where we come in. We are specialists at understanding your greatest challenges and opportunities and then building and implementing a pathway to success without stretching your resource. Having a solid plan is key to successful fundraising and communications, we can help with that too, but having the tools and skill to fully implement it is just as important. That's why we also work alongside you to do the doing in the areas you really need help with. We know that can be the hard part.

By setting you up for success with streamlined activity and process, you will communicate your messages strongly to affect change, build great relationships with your donors and be able to care for them in a way that encourages continued engagement. That means you can focus on fulfilling your purpose. If you think you need a fundraising consultant, we're more than that. NFP doesn't just provide advice, we journey with you. We add true value by building capacity within your organisation to ensure you generate long-term, sustainable fundraising revenue and deliver communications that support and grow giving.

We've worked with over 40 organisations so we have the experience to support you in whatever way you may need. Our goal is to always leave you better so can create your own success.

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