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At Stone Landscapes Ltd, we offer a full range of landscaping services in the Canterbury region.

Landscape design Christchurch 

A swimming pool not only adds value to your home but it also a best place for relaxing and fun. You can make it more interesting and relaxing by combining the features of the pool with landscaping. Also landscape design Christchurch can increase the property value spent. First and the most important thing is choosing an area where you want to construct a new pool for remodeling as well as in ground or above ground pools. It also falls among those places where almost every homeowner has a swimming pool in their home. So, if you are one of them then you should call pool landscape service providers for your pool landscaping. Creative landscaping of a pool area converts a simple but functional pool setting into a haven for relaxing and a personal mini paradise. 

Garden design Christchurch

Arranging flowers and plants to accentuate a property isn't only the aim of garden design Christchurch. A proven way to create a harmonious space in the garden is to arrange the environment and position flowers to coexist with one another. Additionally, it turns barren areas in properties and increases the value of the residence and to homeowners generally. Landscaping isn’t just gardening; it’s a total modification of the observable attributes of a specific land area. It's usually done in residential lots and spots that require a touch of nature. Landscaping copies natural elements found in nature and modifies or adds terrain shape, landforms, elevation, and even bodies of water to fulfill a certain design. It is both a science and an art for the land-observant and the design-conscious. Landscaping entails time consuming work, particularly if you are going to undertake a project as it consists of knowing about the aspects of nature and construction.

Landscape construction Christchurch

Imagine moving soon into your new home. One thing you want done well is your property’s landscape. Searching for a landscaping company to do a good job of handling that is important. Landscaping contributes greatly as residents use a unique blending of styles helping cities win accolades for its overall livability. You’re bound to find many landscape construction Christchurch companies, so screening for the right one can be a challenge. To help you out, here are four questions to ask them. This is virtually your first step in screening the landscaping company you’re checking out. It requires licensing for certain landscaping services such as consultation and preparation of drawings, construction supervision, and landscape management. 

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