John Swanepoel

BodyTalk System Practice. John Swanepoel uses the Psycho-neuro-immunology based BodyTalk System from his clinic in Taurnaga South.

John uses the Bodytalk System as his main modality. Bodytalk works on the principle that daily and past stresses such as toxins, emotional and physical traumas impact on our bodies own ability to heal properly. Today the health professions are labelling this kind of approach as Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Epigentics and Psych-Neuro-Immunology. The PaRama Bodytalk System includes many aspects of these disciplines. When stressed out bodies become less efficient, body parts and body systems lose their ability to communicate and synchronise their functions, resulting in pain and disease. 
A session with John will help identify and release the underling psychological and emotional causes of a health challenge which accelerated healing. All known pathologies can be addressed. All age groups can benefit. 

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John Swanepoel
New Zealand
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