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NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR is dedicated to providing the best customer service. When your Mobile iPhone, SmartPhone, Laptop, PC or Mac needs Repairing, you won’t have to worry for long! We are here in Auckland to help you Call 0800585222/ 09-4892622 / 0276585222. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with all computers and gadgets whether you need a Home or Business computer repairs. We have fully trained mobile phone technicians as well. For all your Technology & Smart Device Help, Repair & Servicing Needs such as Phone Battery Replacement, Data Backup, and Recovery, Glass Replacement, iPhone Camera Repair, or any kind of Phone Service by certified Electronic Engineers.NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR provide services for apple Repair, iPhone repair, Macbook Repair, smartphone Repair, Data recovery and all other Brands, 30 min repair

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Customer Reviews

  • we fixed around 20 MacBook's from them and using my all company it supply from them . it was good experience.
    technician are very helpful in the covid time they guys provided full tech support to our workers even they working from home.
    broken screen on MacBook, chargers for MacBook, HDMI connectors, c connectors, osx issues, hdd clash and many more.
    best Repair service in silverdale Area.
    Thanks Ash.
    Posted: 2022-05-17 11:04   by Vka
  • Very good service always these guys can fix any issue with phones and computers.
    Posted: 2022-05-17 10:53   by Harry
  • My husband took his iPhone here for a new screen after our son dropped it.
    $171 later he had a new screen.
    The screen after a while started glitching, he would try to open an app and the screen would not respond, then the home button stopped working, he took the phone back to them and was told that the reason it wasn’t working was because he hadn’t done an update, bear in mind my husband is a tech dinosaur and trusted that what they said was the honest truth, they put a home button on the screen, as you can do in settings and hubby left, not knowing any better. After some more time, suddenly nothing would work on the screen, making the phone completely unusable. So I took it in this time as I have pretty decent tech knowledge. First of all, the man in the shop would not come out from the counter to speak to me, there was a table across the doorway, Covid, which he could have stood behind to speak to me in full view, there was a plastic shield up so completely safe, but I could barely see him due to the high product stands on the shop counter. So I explained the whole story, how we had brought the phone back after the screen started malfunctioning, how my husband was told it was due to not updating the software, which we all know is ridiculous, he had one update to be done, this does not affect the use of the phone at all, he asked to see the phone, I handed it over, he was pressing all over it, nothing was happening, I said yes that’s the problem, he then sort of hid it from my sight but I asked him to keep it in my sight please (seemed a bit shifty) he was doing circles with his finger around and around the edges of the screen, then he handed it over and said it’s fine it’s working, I don’t see your problem. I looked at it and saw that it seemed to be working again but when I entered the pin it wouldn’t open, I kept trying, I showed him and he accused me of putting in the wrong pin!!
    I explained that look, the screen is clearly defective, you’ve had it twice and failed to fix it, I would like a refund please as we paid you for a service we have not received. He refused. I quoted the CGA, which is that a product must be fit for purpose, he still refused, he then looked at my receipt and gleefully told me it was 2 weeks out of the 3 month warranty, I said that doesn’t matter, it’s still covered under the CGA and anyway we had brought it back inside the 3 months and you said it was fine, I said regardless the home button hasn’t worked since you installed the screen. He kept saying about the 3 month warranty, I said so you’re saying that a screen shouldn’t last over 3 months and it should be replaced every 3 months, he was quiet about that one. Then he said I won’t speak to you I want to speak to the man, I said do you mean my husband, I said feel free to call him from your landline as you can’t call him from this phone as it’s not working! I repeated that it’s very clear that the screen is defective, you’ve “fixed” it twice which is your right under the CGA but now that has failed to solve the issue legally you have to refund. Completely refused. By this time I was shaking and trying not to cry, I felt I had explained until my face was blue and I had been spoken down to and refused assistance, and I turned around and left, by this time there was 2 people behind me, they both came up to me and said that he was in the wrong and he must abide by the CGA, they both left too and went elsewhere, somewhere honest, knowledgeable and professional hopefully. We now have an iPhone we cannot use and are up for the cost of a new one as it’s essential for my husbands business. This was my experience at NZ Electronics Repair, Silverdale.
    Posted: 2021-10-14 02:23   by Ree

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