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Jenkins Freshpac Systems and Van Doren Sales have joined forces to create Global Pac Technologies, supplying packhouses with the best in fresh produce handling equipment.

With an agent network spanning New Zealand, Australia, North America, United Kingdom, France and Italy, Global Pac Technologies are improving packhouse processes worldwide.

The Aporo produce packer seamlessly retrofits into existing packhouse infrastructure to eliminate the labour-intensive task of getting fruit into trays. The Aporo can deploy up to 120 apples per minute, significantly improving processing speed.

The Ampelos carton filler works alongside the Aporo produce packer to deploy up to 15 trays per minute into cartons. This next stage in packhouse processes is completely taken care of by one, easy-to-use machine that can integrate with existing packhouse infrastructure

Get precision apple packing all day, every day with Global Pac Technologies. For more information on the Aporo produce packer or the Ampelos carton filler, contact the team at

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