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At Wiggins Building Solutions, we are the team you have been looking for. We are a family-owned business local to the Waikato area. We are Licenced Building Practitioners and members of Certified Builders NZ. Our expertise includes new homes, renovations, additions, alterations, maintenance building work, and light commercial build projects. You can also call us if you need DIY advice.


Every home is built like a master piece by the builders and you shall surely be amazed with the quality standards and comfortable environment created by the builders that suits to your lifestyle. You have full support from the buyer’s right from the time of selecting a home to complete the transaction and move into the new home. You get the best new home builders Hamilton tips from the buyers to enhance the value and appeal of your home forever.


Building your home with a company like us allows you the access to modern ideas and also the ability to adjust your design to suit your design needs. So what are some of the design trends showing up this year for new homes? We have put together a small list below. Is a Go Green is a go both in the flora sense and also the environmental sense. Firstly flora, it is no secret that if you walk into a café or a funky restaurant you will see nice artificial plants that make the room seem both comforting and natural. Greenery or even the color green adds depth and warmth to your home. We recommend jumping on the artificial plant bandwagon and making your house that little bit more fresh. Going green also refers to the popular trend of making your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This can be done through the use of solar panels, rainwater tanks and even steel framing. The new home builders Hamilton for your new home as creating space where technology cannot go Technology has gotten fast and invasive very quickly. 


Wiggins Building Solutions knows that when you want to hire in experts for renovations of new constructions, existing properties or for interior uplifts you need to hire the best interior designers and decorators. You can search the online links of leading décor agencies and select an affordable agency providing the lowest cost home renovations Hamilton services. Any property which requires renovations and designing requires you to plan out the expenses for the complete decorations. You can refer to a friend or relative who have had renovations and interior uplifts for full details about the agency. 


You need to hire a designer who is available on call and gives you a quick home décor appointment. You can get free estimates on the costs involved in different types of renovations. The renovation and decorators need to be quick and active and have good knowledge to advice you about different interior designer tips. Once you have chosen a top and renowned home renovations Hamilton agency you can get all work done in the shortest time period. Just make sure you plan all the interior designs as per your budget and available space. You can get idea about the expenses when the calculation is in per square feet basis. The designers need to spend time at your property and provide free of cost estimates for a particular covered area say a room, or your dining. Once you get the estimates you can book the designer for your particular assignment.

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