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Inspire Coaching Ltd offers SME's, their leaders and people transformational growth with our business and personal coaching. We do this by using The Enneagram methodology which provides unparalleled depth of insight into leaders and team personality, motivations, self-limiting beliefs, creating the potential for accelerated, integrative and sustainable development in individuals, teams and organisations. We believe that people and leadership is the key to the success for any business and by using the Enneagram we're able to help transform our clients both personally and professionally.

Our services includes Business/ Professional and Personal Coaching and Mentoring as follows:

  • Business Coaching & Mentoring
    We work with Business Owners and Senior Leaders.
    We inspire our clients to Develop, Empower and Evolve in their growth journey. We use the Enneagram to dive deep into finding our clients' true Core Motivators that drives both personal and professional behaviours. Through this methodology, we are able to help our clients to truly understand themselves better and thus helping to inspire their growth and shift in mindset. We’re able to help our clients understand their “how” and “why”, their superpowers, blindspots and triggers and how those are roadblocks to futher growth. By identifying this we’re able to help our clients take action towards achieving their business and professional goals. Our clients have seen a real transformation through our Enneagram business coaching methods.

  • Team Coaching
    Team dynamics can be challenging. The Enneagram Team is a way for us to truly work towards having a high performing team development. The team coaching helps with greater awareness of team dynamics, themselves and how they engage with the rest of the team and factors that will help them towards becoming a high performing team.
  •  Business Consulting
    Our Business Consulting help clients find solutions to their business challenges. We help our clients by becoming effective leaders, growing revenue/ reducing costs, voicing their business concerns, hiring more capable people, and projecting themselves to key stakeholders and their business communities 

  • Workshops – Values
    Company Culture is incredibly important to a company’s bottom line. A great company culture ensures higher employee engagement and increase in productivity.

    Understanding the Company Values helps foster a great Company Culture. We run Values Workshops with business owners and their teams to define their Company Values Leaders. 


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