Website Audit

Website Audit

You have spent a lot of time, effort and money building your business website and yet you are not seeing the results you expect. Perhaps your website is riddled with issues that are putting Website Audit off your visitors. Or the outdated design is making it hard for your visitors to interact with your website. No matter the reason, if your website is not performing the way it should, a website audit is the first place to start.

The purpose of website design is to facilitate engagement. This engagement takes a variety of forms. It can be a purchase from your online store, a sign-up form for your email newsletter or a booking system to take appointments from customers.

When visitors land on your website, they do so in search of an answer to their question or a solution for their biggest pain point. Any inconsistencies in your website design can lead to a mismatch of messaging across different pages of your site. This can confuse your users, ultimately hampering your conversions.

So if your website is not converting visitors into customers or you are wondering why your website has a high bounce rate, it’s time to take a step back and look for the flaws. That’s exactly what a website audit can do. A thorough website audit is the first step to improving your website and increasing your search engine rankings. Knowing how to do a website audit yourself will save you Free Website Audit In New Zealand thousands of dollars and give you the independence to improve your own website rankings. Here are 4 easy steps to get started Keywords are the beginning and the end of your SEO strategy. As a rule of thumb, you want to include in the website text, meaning you mention your keyword twice in every hundred words. Your keywords or key phrase should also be included in your websites title tag, description and meta tags.


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