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At Goldbees, Our core mission is to bring the goodness of health by sharing the Pure New Zealand Honey with the world. We bring you premium and pure Manuka honey products backed by science, extensive research, and passion that benefit people and the environment. We harness the natural healing properties of manuka honey to bring pure Manuka honey products. Each batch is thoroughly tested and stained to remove debris to ensure only genuine Manuka honey is produced. This unique process makes us stand out as one of the reputed New Zealand Honey Brands. If you are looking to buy manuka honey with 30+ MGO, visit our shop online.

Manuka honey produced in New Zealand is one of nature’s great superfoods. Goldbees team is working towards delivering the finest Manuka Honey available in New Zealand. You can feel confident that the Manka honey with 30+ MGO you will buy is pure, unadulterated, premium honey sourced from the pristine wilderness of New Zealand forests and hills. We are passionate about New Zealand’s bio-secure environment and the untapped potential for harnessing the healing power of Manuka for health benefits.

Our Manuka Honey labels should always tell you MG (dietary methylglyoxal) levels in the honey. We sell 30+ MGO pure Manuka honey, produced and packed in New Zealand. MG is a naturally occurring organic compound found in Manuka honey that correlates to its antibacterial properties.

Why Choose Manuka Honey from Goldbees?

Healthiest Manuka Honey in its purest form

Our team hustles hard in the South New Zealand region so that they can get the delicious Manuka honey!

Pure, Potent, and Positive Biodiversity

We sell Manuka with 30+ MgO content. It is pure, potent, and can help fight excessive inflammation within the body. Buy our manuka honey with 30+ MGO for your daily use.

From Hive to goodness in a bottle

Our bees forage within remote areas of southern New Zealand. Our honey is then harvested in small batches, minimally processed, and packed in glass jars.

Want to buy our 30+ MGO manuka honey online? To know more about our mission and passion for Manuka Honey, visit us online at

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