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House Washing

We are an Auckland Wide House Washing Company offering full site services - i.e. House Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Roof Treatments/Washes, Gutter Guard supply and install, Paths,/Patios/Decks/Driveway washing and Spider Treatments. We bring 20 years of experience to the table and are here to provide you quality workmanship at cost-efficient pricing. We are here to assist you in getting the quality you deserve which is backed by our experience - peace of mind is assured with us - we love our industry with a passion!

We offer a Soft Washing process with a high-quality detergent - you cannot say a surface is clean without a detergent!


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning is one of the most Underrated services but one of the most important! Our service is 3 Stages -remove all debris, flushing of the full system to ensure all downpipes are free-flowing and a spray with a Treatment to kill all living organisms that make guttering system "Home" - i.e. Moss & Lichen!

Several houses have leaks which is thought of coming from the roof - but a full guttering system can produce water ingress through the eaves into the inside of your interior walls - this is quite common!


Roof Treatments

Roof Treatments are for the treatment of all Lichen and Moss infections - these living organisms are highly destructive to Roofs and create immense damage if left untreated. These living organisms are environmentally driven and are easy to combat if approached in the correct manner. Our Roof Treatment is a spray solution which kills both of these living organisms and root systems.


Deck/Paths/Patio/Driveway Washing

We offer a soft wash process alongside a good quality detergent to ensure the removal of build-up on all decking, concrete and brick work etc. This ensures a clean outcome and also a moss and mould inhibitor to slow down the build up moving forward.


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Michelle Sinclair
New Zealand
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

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