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Welcome to HGB. We're a strategic marketing agency inspired by creating meaningful experiences while working in partnership with our clients to achieve results. We work with clients throughout Hamilton, Waikato and the North Island to deliver strategic marketing, branding, advertising, websites, design and digital - that gets results. For the team at HGB, every day is an opportunity to do what we love - making a difference to brands and businesses by improving their marketing and communications, enhancing the experience they provide to staff and customers, and enabling them to do more and better. Our strategic approach and results-driven mindset are what make us different. We blend big-picture thinking with creative problem-solving while building meaningful connections and delivering the goods. If you're tackling the big business challenges, such as how to build your brand, how to gain a bigger market share or sell more, how to nurture better relationships with customers, or how to attract the right people and create an amazing culture - then perhaps it's time we talk.


HGB is an experiential marketing consultancy that specialises in delivering marketing, branding, sponsorship, fundraising and profile-building solutions for businesses and charitable organisations. Our point of difference is our values. We first think about what will benefit your business or organisation, before working in a way that feels right. Then we get on with the job and do it. But throughout the process, we don't just work for you, we work with you. Our focus in on creating an experience - for you, your clients and for us. Many businesses face a high cost of having an in-house marketing team, but HGB can provide all the services of such a team at a competitive, cost-effective price. Depending on your marketing needs we meet weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly to deliver all elements of marketing. We create branding strategies, write newsletters, design company profile documents, build engaging campaigns and maximise sponsorship opportunities - and that's just the beginning. At HGB we believe marketing is an integral part of your business to achieve growth. We have the experience to achieve this but you have the knowledge to make it a success. That's why we work with you, every step of the way.

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