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Introducing Business Networking NZ

Website World have created Business Networking NZ, a free online business directory and Facebook business support group for New Zealand business owners and their agents. The brain child of web developer Reuben Jackson, Business Networking NZ aims to help both start-ups and established businesses grow their online presence, learn from each other, and develop mutually beneficial relationships amongst businesses throughout the country.

Business Networking NZ (BNNZ) offers each New Zealand based business the opportunity to list in its free online business directory. Unlike other business directories, Business Networking NZ also provides a free high quality SEO backlink from their site to each of their directory listings. This can assist with raising the search engine ranking of the listed businesses, as well as providing another avenue for clients or customers to discover new businesses.

Members of the Business Networking NZ Facebook support group significantly benefit from the free advice of the many experienced business owners already well established within the group. With a relaxed and welcoming approach, the BNNZ support group is quickly growing in membership, with new referrals joining daily.

Existing members are from industries such as business growth consultants, accountants, tax advisors, financial advisors, marketing consultants, social media managers, content writers, web designers and developers, and retail and services businesses from across New Zealand.

Engaging and informative content is posted daily. The group is well managed by several admins, to keep it free of spam. 

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