Why Join Our Networking Group

There are plenty of business networking groups available within New Zealand. How do you know which ones are worthwhile joining and those which offer limited support? Let's take a look at what makes a great business networking group.

What Makes a Great Business Networking Group?

To understand what makes a great networking group, you need to first remember what it was established to do.

Business Networking NZ aims to help both start-ups and established businesses grow their online presence, learn from each other, and develop mutually beneficial relationships amongst businesses throughout the country.

To achieve this, we have created a networking group which:

  • is member driven
  • has few rules
  • is spam free
  • has both new and experienced members
  • has members happy to share their expertise with others
  • supports it's members
  • provides for genuine networking opportunities
  • has active administrator and moderator participation

Join Our Networking Group Today

We'd love you to join our free business networking group. For extra assistance, we've created a step by step guide to walk you through the registration process. Or you can start the registration process straight away.

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