Terms And Conditions

Listings may only be added for NZ based businesses, where the owner(s) reside in New Zealand.

Any business listing that is identified as fraudulant, or acting illegally,  will be removed at our discretion. 

You must use valid email addresses for your business or the business owner. You may not use email addresses for an independent marketing company. We will check the business' website for the correct email address and if they do not match, the listing will not be approved. SEO companies should be warned, that when we identify incorrect usage, we will disable the SEO company access, and connect the listing with the true owner. 

Any listings that are added to the incorrect category will not be approved and will be deleted.

Participation in our directory assumes an enduring relationship. We will send emails for you to validate and confirm your listing. Failure to validate your listing will result in the automatic removal of your listing from our database. We will also send newsletters from time to time. 

You are not permitted to harvest our data. 

You should not contact more than 10 businesses a day. You should send a unique enquiry to each business you enquire with. If you send the same email to multiple listings, we will block you.

We will change our rules from time to time. If you are not happy with our rules, please contact us to have your listing removed. 

Privacy Policy

The majority of our data is publically accessable. When you submit information on our directory, you acknowledge that this data will be made public. Only login email and passwords are private data.

If you want your data removed, please contact us and we will remove your listing for free. 

Any member of the public can submit a listing. Our assumption is that most appropriately worded listings are accepted as being lawful. If you did not submit your listing, or do not know who did, then you can request we delete your listing. No discussion will be entered into.

If you want your information changed, then please login to make those changes. If you would like us to make changes for you, then a support fee of $30+gst will apply. 

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