Benefits of Using a Business Directory

A business directory provides benefits to two distinct users: the business who has listed within it, plus the visitor who uses it to find the service or product they are looking for. 

Our free business directory was established to specifically assist NZ owned and operated businesses by providing them both a free business listing and an SEO friendly link to their website. 

Through providing this, we have created a great shopping directory for those looking to find out more information about or to purchase products or services from NZ businesses.

Add Your Business to the Best NZ Business Directory

Joining our free NZ business directory is simple! Just choose the category your business fits best, enter your business details and add a logo! Add your business to our directory today!

Benefits of Using a Business Directory As A Business

The benefits of adding your business' details to an online directory include:

  • increased online presence
  • increased chances of being found in local searches
  • providing customers with another way to find you
  • raised awareness and recognition of your brand
  • be found in Google searches more often
  • improved off page SEO, with an SEO friendly backlink

Benefits of Using a Business Directory As A Customer

The benefits to using a business directory as a customer or client include:

  • easy to find a range of businesses in one place
  • can search by business category, name or location
  • able to contact business directly through the directory contact form
  • knowledge that all the businesses are NZ based

Your next step depends on if you are a business or a customer. As a business, you're going to add your business' details to our online directory now. As a customer, you're going to use our directory to find the products or services you are looking for!

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