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Speech & Language Therapy for all ages, nationwide in NZ, building communication and literacy skills. Interactive and engaging 1:1 therapy in the areas of speech clarity, stuttering, language difficulties, reading and writing.

Star Language and Literacy offers speech-language therapy for people of all ages who are experiencing any of the issues below. Furthermore, we are able to tailor our approach to suit if any of these symptoms have arisen from hearing loss, Autism, Down syndrome, or a general intellectual disability:

★ Speech delay/disorder, including lisps. 
★ Language delay/disorder.
★ Learning and cognitive difficulties. 
★ Developmental delay/disorder. 
★ Dyspraxia/apraxia of speech. 
★ Stuttering, both pre-schoolers and older people aware of their stutter. 
★ Auditory processing difficulties. 
★ Social communication difficulties.

Our aim is to provide caring advice and support, regardless of whether or not you need to book speech therapy.

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