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Do you have critical assets that need protecting from hackers?

You need the World's Leading Expert to train you and your staff on how to effectively prevent a cyber-attack; create and manager cyber defence teams and how to engage them in a cyber battle if required.

As the Directorate of Defence Security within the UK Ministry of Defence and also New Zealand Defence Force lead for Cyber Security and Information Security, including chair of two executive International Cyber committees, Chris is extremely qualified to train your team in cybersecurity warfare.

Chris has created and managed Computer Security Incident Response Teams in the UK and NZ. Chris was also a chief advisor to the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency and the Computer Emergency Response Team.

Very few people qualify to be a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) instructor at Carnegie Mellon University based in the United States and Chris is one of only a small elite group. Chris delivers SEI training in New Zealand and Australia, in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington.

Chris is the expert that governments go to when they want to protect their assets. Chris has recently written and lectured a postgraduate cybersecurity diploma for the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

Chris is now a Managing Director and founder of Cyber 365 and offers consultancy and training on cybersecurity. "My Vision is to provide the training, tools and knowledge to deliver internal empowerment and organisational security."

As Chris is in high demand for his expertise he has created and continues to create cybersecurity online modules that organisations can learn to run effective Cybersecurity programs.

There is a lack of professional Cyber training that is available in Australasia. I have spent the last twenty years upskilling people in Cyber Security in multiple countries at the Government level and helping organisations establish competent Cyber Security Capabilities.

I found that the best thing you can do is investing in your staff &provide quality training for them and help with a career roadmap. Training doesn’t need to be expensive, and reports out of Australia confirm that the best thing you can do is empower your staff through training.

Everyone needs training of some sort and here is where I believe you will find that quality training. My mission is to improve cybersecurity for businesses & organisations in the Pacific Region. Determination to achieve this mission led to the creation of Cyber365, which launched in 2018 with my team.

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