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I help people become slim, fit and healthy through providing natural health products.
I support my clients to achieve better health through the 5 pillars of optimum health - nutrition, physical activity, detox, natural health and mind health.
I also help people get slim, fit and healthy so that they can prevent the onset of lifestyle related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. I  support clients to become free of yo-yo dieting so that they can enjoy optimum health and wellness and a better quality of life.
I'm passionate about natural health and I help people choose the right nutritional supplements, based on their needs. I believe in quality nutritional supplements and make recommendations accordingly.
I also believe in reducing the use of chemicals in people’s homes as well as in their personal care products, thereby improving their health and wellbeing. I work with you to make the changes toward a healthier lifestyle.
Mission: To support, encourage, inspire, empower and equip for success.
Vision: Creating change to get you from where you are to where you wish to be.
I would love to support you in your health journey to live a healthier life where you are thriving instead of just surviving.

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Helen Day
New Zealand

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