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Homeopathy offers a completely safe, gentle, and non-addictive treatment. It stimulates the bodies unique ability to rebalance itself. A well chosen remedy will improve, energy levels, health,emotional well-being. Offering solutions for people of all ages, children, adults, senior citizens, even animals. Homeopathy can be used independently or along with conventional drugs and other therapies. It often can alleviate the unpleasant side effects of conventional treatments

I became a homeopathy because I love to work with people. It gives me so much pleasure seeing the transformation from ill health to vitality. With the right remedy the return to health will be long lasting, there will be improved energy and a rebalance of emotions. Homeopathic treatments are individualised, I must get to know you, what troubles you, physically, emotionally and historically. How that impacts on you, what helps or aggravates the symptoms or feelings that are troublesome. This information guides and directs the selection of the best homeopathic medicine for you.

With so much use of toxic drugs and suppressive medication, it is great to know that Homeopathy is a completely safe and non- addictive health option. Instead of using the "sticky plaster" approach to healing, homeopathy works very deeply, strengthening the body by stimulating the immune system.

Homeopathy is for people of all ages, including children, adults,senior citizens even animals. Homeopathy can be used independently or along with medication and other theripies. It often can alleviate the unpleasant side effects of convential treatments.

Homeopathy is cheap, there is no need for expensive repeat supplements. It is easy to administer and can do no harm. Therefore, you can confidently use homeopathy in everyday first aid and acute situations in your home, on the sports field, at work or on holiday.


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Caren McDonald
New Zealand
Walton Clinic is held on Wednesday 9am- 4.30pm Matamata Clinic is held at Health 2000 Thursday 9am- 4.30pm

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