Woodmart is Auckland's one-stop-shop for timber and building supplies. The company specialises in framing timber, decking timber, fencing timber and offer a range of high-quality building hardware supplies such as plywood and concrete products.


Woodmart is a family-operated and NZ-owned business that strives to exceed expectations to stay at the top of the timber industry. Through their efforts, Woodmart has become successful in providing its market with a wide range of building materials at affordable prices.

Woodmart's focus is to remain small yet successfully become an efficient timber and hardware supplier. Their goal is to focus on the customers' needs and offer personalised services through a one-on-one contact basis. This allows Woodmart to provide all the building supplies a client requires under one roof. As a one-stop-shop for timber and building supplies, engineers, builders, and DIY-ers can source materials they need to complete their projects.

Having years’ worth of experience, Woodmart has obtained industry knowledge that's second to none. The team specialises in framing timber, fencing timber, decking timber, and other timber requirements. They also provide a wide range of hardware supplies needed for building fences, thatching a roof, or building a retaining wall.

From offering a wide selection of timber supplies and building products at competitive prices, Woodmart also exceeds in customer service. They display a high level of professionalism and are more than willing to offer friendly and transparent advice regarding DIY building projects.

To enquire about prices or to request a free online quote, contact the Woodmart team on their website at https://www.woodmart.co.nz/.

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