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Platform 1 is a business transition specialist for owners, offering a unique business exit strategy option through the introduction of a business partner who possesses both capability and capital. This allows the business owner to exit gradually.


Platform 1 is a New Zealand business transition specialist for private company owners, helping them achieve a greater return on their legacy. This can also be a more lucrative solution through an incoming business partner growing the company as the business owner exits over time. The owner will still receive dividends as well as capital payments over this period.

Platform 1 facilitates a gradual exit process to help current owners step back over time as part of a business succession plan. This often proves to be a better path for optimising value and improving the wealth and lifestyle of private business owners. In this way, an existing business could remain an ideal medium- or long-term investment, with reduced daily involvement needed from the current owner.

Platform 1 offers new business exit strategy options for business owners looking to transition away from a company and reduce their day to day involvement. Platform 1's track record of success has allowed owners to reap both personal and financial rewards over an extended period, and far above what they could have achieved through an outright business sale.

Platform 1 also matches owners with their ideal business partner for growth by introducing a talented person with complementary skills and capital to bring into the business. This may or may not be part of a business succession plan. 

Those looking for gradual business ownership opportunities can view these through the Platform 1 website.

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