Kuvings NZ is a manufacturer of one of the leading juicers, blenders, and yoghurt makers in NZ. They provide high-performing blending appliances that help customers make fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals and beverages.



Kuvings NZ is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality blending appliances, helping KIwis create fresh beverages and delicious and nutritious meals at home.

Everyone can taste the difference when using a Kuvings appliance. Why? Kuvings cold press juicers are designed to preserve the highest level of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes by pressing fruit and vegetable gently as opposed to high-speed grinding and chewing.

Proving their range’s innovativeness and high-quality parts, Kuvings is the only cold press juicer that can juice whole fruit and vegetable with the strongest motor and high torque to cope with all textures and hardness.

Kuvings also has high-performing vacuum blenders in NZ designed to remove the air from the chamber before blending, in order to prevent oxidation and degradation of nutrients - giving individuals the best quality of fruit juices with a whole taste and maximum nutritional value.

The Kuvings range also makes it possible for you to create yoghurt at home with their cheese and yoghurt makers that provide easy and convenient functions with four preset menu buttons. Homemakers can make yoghurt, cheese, vinegar, and pickles with just one touch of a button.

Kuvings Juicers are made in South Korea with a manufacturer of juicers in their own factory for over 35 years. Kuvings NZ is operated by Pudney & Lee 2017 Ltd. who manages distribution, warranty, and customer service.

To learn more about Orange Peelers and Yoghurt Maker NZ or to enquire about a product or request a demonstration, customers can visit the website or email sales@kuvings.nz today!

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