Direction You Life Coaching Ltd

Supporting Self-Leaders committed to being fearlessly authentic through an increase in their truth, creativity and presence by outgrowing the obstacles hindering their evolvement.

High Level Life, Relationship and Business Coaching for Emotionally Mature Self-Leaders committed to living their best lives from a space of their creative Genius. 

Currently all sessions are done via Zoom.  Working with clients locally and internationally.

Elle first entered the space of transformational coaching in 2006 and has been selectively working with business leaders, innovators, creatives and influencers described as inclusive, humanitarian, disruptive, value focussed and energetic.  Over the years she’s layered on essential skills in the areas of vitality, energy and spirituality, providing a truly holistic approach to self-leadership from a state of thrive.

Professional Qualifications:

► BA Honours Psychology   |   ► Certified ILS Coach (2006)   |   ► Certified Pranic Psychotherapist. | ► Certified Pranic Energy Healer   |   ► Certified Yoga Teacher   |   ► Certified Personal Trainer


"Elle’s an amazing leadership coach. Guiding with a differentiated yet simple approach, she has truly helped me to challenge my very way of being, ensuring my unwavering authenticity in all situations. Over the last 3 months I have been able to transform from being an overwhelmed, constant problem solver, to a business leader that inspires from within. For the first time I’ve had the opportunity to link all aspects of my life into being one person and to understand what my best self really looks like. Her approach, guided by a spiritual awareness has enabled me to proceed living life passionately and fearlessly and as a fellow leader, we know the importance of driving team excellence via leading oneself first. Among the various leadership & developmental programs I’ve pursued, Elle’s support has by far been the one to awaken my way of thinking and actions towards being the inspirational person I’m passionate to be. If you’re truly ready for transformation and revamping your sources of energy, happiness, passion, performance and excellence, I can say that spending time with Elle will put you on the right trajectory." - Kevorn Gabriel


"At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t doing well at all on many spheres and a friend told me about her life coach that she was seeing and suggested I go see Elle as well. I have to admit, I started off with much hesitation on how a life coach was going to help me sort out my issues. In the initial sessions, I was very negative and had so many areas in my life to work on. I don’t know exactly when or how things changed, but in the last six months, I have taken on all my biggest fears and conquered them with surprising ease. My outlook on life has completely changed and my biggest fear which was fear itself has gone. I do attribute these changes to working with Elle over the last several months as she has pushed me, which has not always been comfortable, but she has pushed me to reach beyond what I thought were my limits. Elle is very supportive in her role as a coach and she really believes in the people that she coaches and for me, this was my biggest inspiration. Elle also has a unique way of looking at things in life which is always from a positive perspective and you cannot help but want to do better when someone has such positive things to say about you." - Audrey McMillan


"Over the last number of years my company has employed the services of Elle to coach Senior Executives. We have seen the achievement of incredible results as an outcome of the techniques employed by Elle. Her approach is no nonsense, goal orientated and task driven. Elle demands high accountability. I would highly recommend her services for both one on one, and group sessions." - Tom Creamer

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