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Hi, I’m Sarah, I work specifically with service businesses. Many come to me because they need more clients, but some are further on and struggling to manage their growth. Others need a new strategy or to diversify their offerings. Whatever the reason, what they all have in common is they are service businesses and right now they are stuck. You may be early on in your business and wanting to get it right first time, or more established and needing help to grow sustainability. Or perhaps you’ve had awesome organic growth and been busy serving clients but you don’t have good foundations in place and need a bit of ‘untangling’ before you can move forward. If marketing leaves you with sweaty palms and sales calls have you running for the hills I can help. Working with your strengths, I’ll show you how to attract new clients, nurture your leads, retain clients for longer and then turn them into raving fans who send you new referrals. I also love doing strategic work such as helping you pivot (agh, so 2020!, I know) to attract different clients, create packages and offers that resonate with your ideal clients or create a business structure that you can grow and scale from. If you’re B2B, you may have identified you have a vulnerability gap. If 40% or more of your work is coming from one source, such as a government agency, or one big client, you know that if they turn the tap off, you’re in trouble. Working together we can close that gap, by being proactive in future-proofing your business and making sure you have a variety of sources who send you work – without upsetting the apple cart! I’ve been helping service businesses for 20+ years and in that time have gained a real depth of knowledge and an extensive network of contacts. I’m here to help you with your business and happy to share my network and help open doors for you.


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