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Counselling with hypnotherapy - one on one by appointment, in person or online. Get to the unconscious patterns running your life that create suffering. Find out what you truly deeply want for you in your life. Learn to feel emotions gently. Learn to not believe your thoughts. Learn to be mindful and loving to yourself.

You do not need to be fixed. You are already whole. But early trauma and conditioning has set up patterns to help you survive and cope. Trouble is, these patterns get stuck and carry on into adulthood, but they no longer serve you. 

A session with me, will start with a conversation about your circumstances. We will get clarity about the patterns that are running. I will listen deeply to you with a quiet mind, an open heart and no personal agenda. We will delve into what you truly want for yourself in life. You will get a chance to be guided to relax deeply so that stuff in the subconscious can be acknowledged and changed. You may drop into the essence of yourself.

You will leave feeling relaxed with a heavy load having dropped off.

There is a free ebook available on my website called The Unacknowledged Trauma. This is about how prebirth, birth and those early years affect you as an adult. 

Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn. I post daily so there are lots of interesting posts for you to read. There is also a blog on my website.

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New Zealand
Hours vary. Open Monday to Saturday. There is a booking system on my webiste where you can book an appointment. Please email me if you have questions.

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NZ$90 one session NZ$240 prepay 3 sessions

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