Putti Apps has an insane record of building app solutions for New Zealand's biggest brands. We are driven to help businesses from simple digitisation work right up to multi-platform projects. Find out more about the work that we do at https://www.puttiapps.com/services/


Putti is a web and mobile solution company that has come of age in the smartphone era. We are proudly kiwi, though we see the world in our sights! We are three strong brands in one. Putti is our lead brand and we offer consultancy services to our customers and we build custom web and mobile solutions for companies looking to partner with a flexible, creative, fun partner that is focused on getting things done. We are also Moa Creative, one of the first players in customised mobile applications that came out of New Zealand. We have an incredible legacy of building solutions for global brands that we all know. And lastly, over the last 8 years, we have built up a B2B solutions platform that is Appranet. We are a modular answer for businesses wanting to tackle simple digitization of forms and processes to standalone customised mobile apps to mobilise workforces. It all started in a garage with some geeks that saw a world of opportunity happening with smartphones taking over the world. The crazy coding skills and silky design work started in the Gaming space… hardcore! Since then, we have shaped the NZ mobile market with some firsts … 3News mobile app bought real-time reporting to life. GrabOne, Neighbourly and NZHerald came out of Putti. Globally as well, we took ASOS mobile and helped take it to one of the top traffic and transaction apps in the world, Marks & Spencer UK chose us to go mobile first and was early adopters of Augmented Reality ... oh and how about mobile apps for The Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Best Western and more! We are going strong! Our Chairman is a slightly mad entrepreneurial advocate, our CEO travelled the world with some of the biggest IT brands in the game, our CTO helped shaped the mobile market and worked inside Samsung development and our CSO is an ex-hacker that has seen the light! For REAL! www.puttiapps.com | www.moacreative.com | www.appranet.com

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