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NZ ART YOU CAN WEAR! Original NZ designs by local artists printed on clothing, accessories, and gifts. Designs of our place- Tailored for our relaxed lifestyle. We also screen print custom tees and hoodies onsite. Looking for a shopping visit.. with lots of unique LOCAL STYLE? Kaleo sells only its own exclusive custom-designed creations with prints and styles that change seasonally. Clothing as Unique as our Adventures. Our limited edition print designs celebrate the New Zealand experience — our favourite flora and fauna, rich blend of cultures, and other uniquely iconic Kiwi expressions. Visit us. We will put a little Aroha in your day!


Welcome to the world of NZ ART, YOU CAN WEAR! We are a unique gift shop dedicated to showcasing original New Zealand designs by talented local artists, creating an authentic collection of items that you can wear and use. Our product range spans from clothing to accessories and an array of gifts, all exuding the spirit and beauty of our place, tailored for our relaxed lifestyle.

Our store is a destination in itself - a must-visit shopping experience filled with unique LOCAL STYLE. Each item on our shelves tells a story, capturing the essence of New Zealand's stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant wildlife. We pride ourselves on selling only our own exclusive custom-designed creations, making each piece you take home a part of New Zealand's artistic heritage.

At Kaleo, we believe in keeping things fresh and exciting. That's why our prints and styles change with the seasons, reflecting the dynamic beauty of our surroundings. Our clothing is as Unique as our Adventures, designed to be not just attire but a conversation starter.

Our limited edition print designs are more than just patterns on fabric. They are celebrations of the New Zealand experience — our favourite flora and fauna, our rich blend of cultures, and other uniquely iconic Kiwi expressions. Each design is a testament to the talent and creativity of our local artists, who draw inspiration from their deep love and understanding of our homeland.

When you visit us, we promise a shopping trip and a journey into the heart of New Zealand's art and culture. We aim to put a little Aroha (love) into your day and into every item that you take home. So, come on in if you're a tourist looking for souvenirs or local hunting for something distinctively Kiwi. Let us share our love for New Zealand through our artful creations.


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Christine Makaweo
New Zealand
9:30am - 5:30pm - Every Day

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