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We create and host out-of-this-world authentic REAL African experiences in Kenya, Tanania & Uganda. You will experience magnificent wildlife, rich culture and forge meaningful relationships. All our tours support our own primary school - Tamariki Education Centre, for disadvantaged children in Kenya. You will meet people, have experiences and go to places most travellers don't!

Welcome to Helping Hand African Tours & Safaris, where your dreams of unique authentic African adventures come to life.  If you long to explore the heart of Africa, our expertly crafted tours provide breathtaking wildlife safaris, genuine cultural immersion, meaningful connections and hands-on experiences.

Our comfortable accommodation choices are carefully hand-picked to reflect and complement the environment and setting we are in.

Aside from our set departures, we also offer unique bespoke itineraries that cater directly to your interests, whether you're captivated by wildlife, history, culture or local cuisine.  You tell us your wish list, and dates that suit, and we will create a stunning itinerary and take care of all your needs - either just for you, or for you and your group.

What sets us apart is our strong commitment to actively supporting local communities and local businesses or projects.  By joining us, you not only embark on a journey of a lifetime but also contribute to meaningful initiatives, including our very own primary school established in 2014 in a rural region of Kenya.

Our very experienced guides are personal friends who are passionate about their homeland - from history to culture and wildlife, they will ensure you are deeply engaged in the richness of Africa.

Our guests experience not only the abundantly rich culture and magnificent beauty of Africa, but go to places most travellers never go to; meet people most travellers never meet; and support and make a difference in the lives of local people, local communities and local small businesses.

At Helping Hand African Tours & Safaris, we invite you to explore Africa in a way that is not only comfortable and unique but also profoundly enriching and life altering.  Your adventure begins right here!



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