Couples Therapy Ponsonby Parnell Auckland

Couples therapy is for couples wanting to improve certain aspects of their relationship. The emphasis in couples therapy is on collaborative growth and fostering empathic understanding in a relationship while working through issues that are interfering with the harmony in the relationship. Couples therapy can be beneficial in different stages of a relationship, from the early dating stage to the pre-marital, marriage or committed relationship stage. Here you can explore your options for couples therapy.

Couples Therapy Ponsonby & Parnell Auckland

Expertise: In addition to individualized services, I also specialize in couples therapy, recognizing the unique dynamics that exist within relationships. Whether you're facing communication challenges, or conflicts, or seeking to strengthen the emotional bond with your partner, my couples therapy sessions provide a supportive environment for both individuals to express themselves openly and honestly.

Relationship Enhancement: Couples therapy goes beyond conflict resolution; it encompasses relationship enhancement and the development of effective communication skills. In couples therapy I collaborate with couples to explore shared goals, improve understanding, and foster a deeper connection, promoting a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills: Addressing conflicts is an integral part of couples therapy. In couples therapy I facilitate constructive dialogues, helping partners understand each other's perspectives and providing tools to navigate disagreements in a productive manner. Enhanced communication skills empower couples to express their needs and desires more effectively, contributing to a more harmonious relationship.

Pre-Marital Counselling: For couples embarking on the journey of marriage, I also offer pre-marital counselling. This specialized service provides a supportive space to explore expectations, address potential challenges, and build a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling marital partnership.

Infidelity and Trust Issues: Navigating the aftermath of infidelity or rebuilding trust within a relationship requires delicate and expert guidance. I employ evidence-based approaches to help couples heal from betrayal, rebuild trust, and work towards restoring the emotional connection.

Sexual Intimacy and Connection: Couples therapy also delves into the realm of sexual intimacy, recognizing its significance in overall relationship satisfaction. I provide a non-judgmental space for couples to discuss and address issues related to sexual intimacy, fostering a more connected and satisfying relationship.

Holistic Approach to Relationship Well-being: At my clinical psychology practice I adopt a holistic approach to couples therapy, considering the interplay of individual mental health, communication patterns, and shared goals. By addressing these components comprehensively, our clinical psychologist aims to promote not only a resilient and thriving relationship but also the individual well-being of each partner.

Embark on a shared journey towards a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship with the support of Clinical Psychologist Dr JC Coetzee. Through couples therapy, we aim to strengthen the foundation of your partnership and enhance the overall well-being of both individuals involved.

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