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I help people understand complex information by writing content that is clear, concise, and consistent. Although I specialise in technical content, I do also write general content on any topic (ex-journalist).

  • Fresh content
  • Professional articles
  • Blog posts
  • Technical content
  • Digitise SOP's and COP's

Let's turn your ideas into compelling content

Creating New Content

I collaborate with subject matter experts, designers, and illustrators to craft captivating content, write informative articles, and digitise your SOP's and COP's.

Professional Articles

Article writing thrives on adaptability, embracing diverse ideas from various backgrounds, industries, and perspectives. I immerse myself in these realms, crafting blog posts that simplify complexities, and delve into niche subjects with in-depth articles.

Technical Content

I excel in translating technical information into accessible content. Whether simplifying complex concepts or delving into industry specifics, I craft articles that bridge technical jargon and reader-friendly insights.

Digitise SOP's, COP's, H&S Documents

Digitizing Standard Operating Procedures, Codes of Practice, and Health and Safety documentation, making them accessible on all electronic devices, e.g,


I am adaptable, resourceful, and committed to giving 100% to every project, whether it is a short product description or an indepth article.



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Marius Strydom
New Zealand
I work remotely. 09:00 – 17:00

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