Suntrol is a leading provider of solar energy solutions in Auckland, offering expert installation and maintenance of premium solar panels and systems. Dedicated to promoting sustainability, Suntrol aims to make renewable energy accessible for all, helping clients reduce carbon footprint and energy costs with ease.

Nestled in the heart of Auckland, Suntrol is lighting the way towards a greener future with its cutting-edge solar energy solutions. At Suntrol, we believe that access to clean and renewable energy is not just a necessity but a right for everyone. Our mission is to empower homeowners and businesses alike by harnessing the limitless power of the sun, transforming it into efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable energy.


From the ground up, Suntrol has been built on a foundation of innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. We specialize in the bespoke design, meticulous installation, and comprehensive maintenance of high-caliber solar panel systems that stand the test of time. Our team, a blend of seasoned experts and passionate visionaries, is driven by the desire to make a tangible difference in the world, one rooftop at a time.


But Suntrol is more than just a solar energy provider. We are a community of forward-thinkers, environmental advocates, and problem solvers dedicated to reshaping how energy is consumed and produced. By choosing Suntrol, our clients don't just reduce their energy bills; they join a movement towards a sustainable and resilient energy future.


In a world where the push for clean energy has never been more critical, Suntrol stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in Auckland. We are not just installing solar systems; we are building a legacy of sustainability for generations to come. Join us on this luminous journey to a brighter, greener future with Suntrol, where every ray of sunlight is a step towards a better tomorrow.


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Jay Park
New Zealand
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