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CONTEST MASTER is a state-of-the-art management system that transforms competition handling. It allows for easy tracking of entries, automates scoring and prize allocation, and centralizes data for user-friendly access. Experience streamlined, efficient competition management with CONTEST MASTER.


    Experience the power of CONTEST MASTER - The Comprehensive Competition Management System, designed to seamlessly track and manage your entire show. With our cutting-edge platform, effortlessly record all entry classes, add competitors and their entries, and produce accurate judging sheets.Our system streamlines the scoring process, automatically calculating awards and prizes, eliminating the cumbersome mass of spreadsheets and documents traditionally associated with competitions. Centralise all your competition information, making it easily accessible to multiple users through our platform. Prepare to be astonished by the time and effort saved, as CONTEST MASTER swiftly generates results and simplifies the management of your competition. Discover the ease and efficiency of our platform, empowering you to orchestrate a flawless competition experience.Embrace a new era of competition management, where excellence meets simplicity.


Praised by Users: CONTEST MASTER is remarkably flexible! Tailor the system to suit your preferences by configuring a "Set Achievement Level" scoring system. Whether you require multiple Gold Medals for exceptional entries or prefer the Olympic games style of single Gold/Silver/Bronze awards, our platform can accommodate your needs. Built to handle judging of Wine, Beer, and Liqueurs, CONTEST MASTER adapts effortlessly to diverse competition types. In just a few simple steps, you can set up custom "Sections," such as Jams, Pickles, or multiple or single judges etc. Discover the unrivalled adaptability of CONTEST MASTER, where you can curate a contest experience that aligns perfectly with your vision. Embrace the freedom to configure the system to your specific requirements and elevate your competition to new heights of excellence.




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