30 Business Blog Ideas to Boost Your Digital Marketing

Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for business blogs. Other times you are not sure which topics would be popular with your audience or bring you new website traffic. What we do know is that when you've written an article which is topical, educates and entertains your audience, it's got a great chance of going viral. 

The question is though, what can you write about? We've made a list of 30 business blog topics for all sorts of industries and retailers to help you make that decision.

30 Ideas for NZ Business Blogs

  1. Share your most inspiring customer success story
  2. Give insider tips and tricks so your customers can get more out of your products or services
  3. Answer the most commonly asked questions from your customers in an FAQ article
  4. Share the most unusual ways people use your product
  5. Discuss the biggest story or controversy in your industry right now
  6. Share why you started up your business
  7. Talk about the business tools you use each day and why they are helpful
  8. Share the story behind your company name and/or logo
  9. Give a sneak peek of an upcoming product or service you are about to launch
  10. What eco-friendly practices does your business use?
  11. What’s the most important thing customers should know about your business, products or services?
  12. Discuss the biggest problem your business has had and how you overcame it
  13. Give advice to someone who wants to start up a business in your industry
  14. Create a blog based upon a customer testimonial
  15. Explain the differences between two or more related products
  16. Make a video and use it as the base for your article
  17. Make an infographic and add it to your blog. Infographics get a lot of social sharing. 
  18. Go behind the scenes and do a photo or video blog to show your audience what happens in your workplace.
  19. Talk about a time when something in your business went wrong and how you were able to fix it.
  20. Create a regular feature article, such as a customer or product of the week. 
  21. Write a series on a topic which can be broken down into several parts. This gets visitors coming back to read it often.
  22. Share customer feedback and the product or service they complimented you on.
  23. Reveal any secrets or bust myths your industry has.
  24. Use the searches people entered into Google from your Google Analytics to identify topics to write about.
  25. Check out what your competitors are writing about and use their topics for inspiration.
  26. Create a list of the best blogs in your industry to share with your audience.
  27. Make a list of the top 10 blogs you wrote this year and reshare them with your audience.
  28. Create a contest that requires people to read your blog and answer questions about it.
  29. Find all the best jokes from within your industry and write a list of them.
  30. Use HubSpot's blog topic generator to create even more ideas by entering a word related to your industry.

Then of course you can read the eCommerce blogs by Website World and the business blog here at Business Networking NZ for inspiration too! 

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Posted: Sunday 28 November 2021

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