Achieving Work Life Harmony

May we have your attention please: work life harmony has replaced work life balance. Relax though, because this is a good thing and we're going to demonstrate why.

Work Life Balance Vs Work Life Harmony

Work life balance has been the catch phrase for years and now there has been a shift for the better. Work life harmony refers to when when the different aspects of an employee’s life coexist, feed one another, and create positive energy. You can think of it as like musical notes playing together to create a beautiful piece of music. Work life balance refers to keeping personal and business work apart from each other, with work life integration offering a mixture of both.

The benefits of achieving work life harmony include:

  • aligns your work with your values, which gives you energy and purpose
  • reduces stress by focusing on the big picture 
  • enjoying your work while maintaining your energy levels
  • giving you the motivation to work and the enjoyment of noticing the small tasks that are being finished

5 Ways to Create Work Life Harmony

To encourage and develop a culture of work life harmony within your business, there are several things you can do:

  1. Offer flexible work arrangements - such as remotely, flextime and compressed work weeks.
  2. Support open communication - have frequent check-ins with team members, have multiple ways they can give you feedback and offer communication training workshops.
  3. Promote regular breaks - as well as lunch breaks, encourage employees to take short breaks throughout the day and take time off for holidays.
  4. Have realistic expectations of workload - encourage the use of goal setting, regular workload reviews and task delegation.
  5. Provide employee wellness programs - this could be free or discounted memberships to gyms, workshops on mediation and mindfulness or financial planning.

While a transformation to a work life harmony in your business may take time and effort, the benefits are significant. 

Posted: Friday 6 October 2023

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