50 Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

50 Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

What's the hardest thing you have to do for your business? For most of us, it's finding things to post on our social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Twitter, coming up with fresh new post ideas is darn near impossible sometimes. 

Then there's the time that goes into creating content, engaging with your page likers and keeping tabs on what others in your industry are also doing. It's completely understandable that finding things to post about on social media is often put into the too hard basket.

Until now, that is. We're sharing 50 of the best social media post ideas to make things much easier for you.

50 of the World's Best Social Media Post Ideas

No longer will you need to struggle coming up with ideas to share on your business' social media accounts. Try one of these 50 ideas instead:

  1. Quotes - from celebrities, thought leaders, or clients
  2. Polls - ask a question and invite people to reply
  3. Workplace - share photos of your workplace, including yourself at work
  4. Answer questions - if you have an FAQ page, share a Q & A from there 
  5. Employee profile - introduce your team members
  6. Fill in the blank posts - I would ______ if I had the day off, etc
  7. Blogs - share blurbs and links to blogs on your website
  8. Products - share examples of your popular products in use
  9. Industry news - what's happening in your industry?
  10. Product videos - how your product works, or simply showing it from all angles
  11. Customer reviews - let others know what your customers said about your business
  12. Quick tips - short titbits or hints which will help readers do something
  13. Interview a customer - let them share how they use your product or service 
  14. Share community events - if it's happening locally and related to your industry, share it
  15. Seasonal info - if it's hot, share tips on how to cool down etc
  16. Customer of the month - share something neat about what one of your customers has done
  17. Events or training - let your audience know what you've been up to recently
  18. Statistics - industry grabbing facts and statistics in a graphic form are always interesting
  19. Multi choice question - which product colour do you like best -a,b or c?
  20. Newsletters - share snippets from or even the entire newsletter you just sent out
  21. Books - if you've read a great book related to your industry, tell your audience about it
  22. Shout out - eaten something great from a local business? Do a shout out about it
  23. Milestones - share milestones about your company - time in business, sales, new staff member
  24. Social media platforms - let your audience know about your other platforms and what you post on them
  25. Mailing list - ask people to join your mailing list and share the benefits of doing so
  26. Say thank you - thank your audience for their support
  27. Memes - an old favourite
  28. Links to free resources - give the links to where you have some free resources to help your audience
  29. Job listings - if you're hiring, let your audience know
  30. Historic days - on this day in XXXX: tell people what happened in the past 
  31. Promote an event you are hosting
  32. Image scrambles - take a close up of one of your products, and ask people to guess what it is
  33. Business successes - celebrate with your fans on things you have accomplished
  34. Ask for feedback - would you like to learn more about X? 
  35. How to videos - create a short video which explains how something you offer works
  36. Product reviews - share links to reviews of your products
  37. Regular series - at the same time each week, host a Q&A, post a video or a new blog post
  38. Share a survey - set a survey and ask people to complete it
  39. Reshare your popular posts
  40. Host a giveaway
  41. Funny photos - share a humorous photo with your business logo on it
  42. Pinterest - check out Pinterest for photos to share, but remember to credit the creator
  43. Recommend a tool - if it's useful to you, share it with your audience
  44. Day in the life - give a recap of what it's like to be you or an employee
  45. Ask for advice on an industry related problem
  46. Random posts - what you had for tea last night, something funny which happened during the day etc
  47. Caption this - grab a photo and ask for caption suggestions
  48. Promote another business
  49. Truth or fiction - give a statement about your business and ask followers to say if it if true or false
  50. Weekly round-up - make a list of the week's highlights: blogs, products and events

Now that you've read our 50 ideas for social media posts, start using them! For more help on ways you can increase social media engagement, take a read of our article 12 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media now.

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Posted: Friday 5 April 2019

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