7 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

If you're a bit short on Valentine's Day marketing ideas, or you think that organising any won't be of any benefit to your business, this article is for you!
Valentine's Day is a major retail day overseas and in New Zealand. While some business owners say it is another commercialised American promotion strategy, others remain dedicated fans, especially as they see their bank balance rise because of it. Traditionally businesses which sell products which can be given as gifts on Valentine's Day have been the only ones that participate - until now.

We've put together a list of seven marketing ideas for Valentine's Day which every business could implement.

7 Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day for Every Business

February 14th is the day to declare to the world that you love and adore your partner. It's also a day for which your business should participate in a marketing plan, even if you do not sell chocolates and roses. Rather, you can use the Valentine's theme to promote your own business. Here are seven ideas for doing so:

1. Spread the love with hashtags, emoticons and stickers - create a hashtag and choose a selection of social media stickers and emoticons for your social media accounts. Start a viral movement, asking your followers to spread the love using your chosen elements.

2. Spice up your monthly newsletter - add some romance to your emails by mentioning themes related to this day, using heart emojis and changing the colour of your logo to pink and red just for Valentine's Day.

3. Send Valentine's Day cards to your customers or clients - either by snail mail or email, sending a card which simply thanks them for supporting your business and telling them you appreciate them will do wonders for your brand.

4. Two for one deals - with Valentine's Day being about couples, why not hold a buy one get one free or similar promotion?

5. Support a charity - let your followers know that for a set time, you will donate a % of all sales to a charity close to your heart. Encourage them to help you support this by purchasing from your store.

6. Create a gift guide - make a list of themed gifts customers could purchase from you. This could be traditional gifts, or add a quirkiness to your guide - buy this vacuum to clean up your love life etc

7. Ask for customer love stories - ask your followers to share stories about where they met partner, what they love about their partner and even share photos of each other together.

As you can see, it's not necessary for you to sell roses, chocolates or teddy bears with big giant heart shaped pillows to use Valentine's Day themed marketing ideas - any business can!

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Posted: Friday 24 January 2020

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