7 Ways to Make Working from Home Easier

Working From Home: Can It Get Any Better?

If you are running your business from home, or are a contractor or employee of a business for whom you can, you'll understand just how fortunate you are. No commutes, you can work in your pyjamas, and you have no work colleagues to worry about making small talk with. However, each of these points can also be a downside, affecting your productivity and effectiveness.
Now before you think we are anti-pyjamas (which we're not, by the way), we'd like to take the time to explain both the pros and cons of working from home, along with seven ways you can make doing so even easier for you.

Pros and Cons of Working From Home

There are many things for and against working from home. The pros include:
  • no commute
  • wear what you want
  • flexibility in working hours
  • more time with your family
  • own working environment
  • more autonomy
  • better work-life balance
The cons include:
  • difficulty switching off from work
  • having to supply and maintain your working space
  • no or minimal human interaction
  • low productivity
  • lots of distractions
  • lack of understanding by others (when are you getting a real job? etc)
By identifying these pros and cons, we can put into place strategies to improve the good ones and decrease the bad.

7 Ways to Make Working From Home Better

Seven things you can do to make working from home work for you, are:
  1. set up a dedicated workspace. This could be a desk in the lounge or the spare room. Having your own space makes it easier to separate work from home time, as well as hopefully keeping things quieter for you.
  2. know when you work best. Are you an early bird or night owl? Scheduling your work commitments for a time of the day which suits you (and your business) best can improve productivity.
  3. dress like you are going to work. Wearing clothes that you would wear to a workplace outside of the home gives you a mental push.
  4. be aware of your distractions. What things distract you the most? Put strategies in place to limit these, such as only checking social media at set times or having a babysitter for the kids.
  5. plan ahead. Keep a diary or planner of what you hope to achieve each day. Schedule meetings, emails, social media and other activities to ensure you keep on track and on time.
  6. set regular working hours. They may not be 9-5, but keep regular hours and make sure your customers, clients, friends and family know what they are.
  7. take regular breaks. We all work better when we're recharged, and you do deserve to take breaks when you work at home!
To learn more about working from home, or to even start up or improve your home based business, take a read of our special resource created specifically for home based businesses in New Zealand.

Posted: Friday 17 January 2020

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