NZ Business Owners Christmas Gift Guide

It's Christmas Gift Time!

Christmas Presents for Business Owners

You're wanting to give a business owner a great Christmas present to thank them for all of their work during the year. Or perhaps you are a business owner, and since no one is getting you a gift, you're going to get your own!

We asked the members of our free NZ business networking Facebook group for their suggestions, and we're loving all of them!

Brighten up your office decor with some of the stunning decor available at Molly & Me. 

Christmas decorations to change up your theme and online home decor gifts to escape the stress of queuing to pay.

Give a unique gift that looks awesome from Lots of Baking Mixes. 

Their cookie ingredient jars make delicious baking!  

Look great with the false strip lashes from LuanaVon, which enhance your beauty and boost your self-confidence.

Te Toi Skin Health provide skin assessment and facial for the overworked business owners, making sure they look radiant and stress free during the festive season.

Actions speak louder than words, sustainable gifts that grow with client relationships, available at Tree Gifts NZ.

Promocase NZ designs and prints custom phone cases for local businesses. They utilise the cases as a unique marketing tool for businesses, clients and staff members to help promote wherever they go. 

Modeltech makes kitset gifts with a NZ theme from sustainable plywood, challenge the mind and then decorate the home office!

Ivy Studio's collection of gift hampers are perfect for business gifting. Crammed with quality handmade NZ products for enjoyment over the holiday season - a unique and memorable gift.

Lighten the load over Christmas and check out the Christmas Menu at Cake & Bake Kiwi. From Christmas Cakes to Sweets & Treats there's something for everyone.

Take your morning coffee ritual on a taste adventure as we share a new coffee each month. 

New roasters, new varieties, new processing methods and the stories behind the coffee at The Snobby Collective.

At Veritas Aoteraroa Publishing, they have some adorable picture books which are perfect for giving to children of staff at the Christmas party (bulk price available). 

Posted: Friday 8 November 2019

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