Tips on Caring for Fresh Flowers

Tips on Caring for Fresh Flowers

We love flowers as much as you do! Also, just like you, we want to keep your floral arrangements looking fabulous for as long as possible. Thankfully, caring for fresh flowers is an easy job. As professional florists, here are our top tips on how to care for your cut flowers.

A Florist’s Tips on Caring for Fresh Flowers

By their nature, flowers are delicate and sensitive to environmental changes. When you have cut flowers, this becomes even more apparent. With the average arrangement lasting between 4-7 days (often longer), caring for fresh flowers is important to ensure they last as long as they can.  When your flowers arrive, follow these steps:

  • Unwrap your flowers and remove any wet wrapping or cellophane
  • If your flowers came in oasis (green foam), keep it moist by watering regularly
  • Re-cut the stems, exposing a new part of each stem to the water
  • Change the water every two days, or if it starts to become cloudy
  • Keep your flowers away from draughts, heat sources and direct sunlight
  • Remove fading flowers and foliage regularly
  • Keep your cut flowers away from fruit, as the ethylene gas decreases the time the flowers will last
  • Ensure the cut flower stems are always under water

For more great tips on how to keep your flowers fresh and looking great for longer, make sure to visit Fresh Flowers Kaitaia's website for more details!

Posted: Sunday 10 June 2018

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