Top 5 tips for Culture Onboarding

Top 5 tips for Culture Onboarding

Today’s landscape is ever changing and the competition to attract and retain talent is increasingly becoming harder. Your point of difference is your company’s culture, talent will decided within the first 6 months whether they have made the right move or not.  Your challenge now is to move away from the box ticking exercise and provide your talent with a culture onboarding framework that will knock their socks off!

Top 5 tips for delivering a knockout onboarding framework

  1. build your framework around – Company Culture, Personal Network & Professional Development, Early Career Support, Strategic immersion.
  2. Orientation v Onboarding.  Know the difference?  Orientation is a task which happens during Onboarding whereby we tell new employees things they need to know in a very non-interactive way (box ticking).  This still needs to happen, however you now have a framework where staff and managers are champions at creating great experiences, all leading to happy, engaged, positively adding value and growth to your business.
  3. Get rid of time restrictions.  understandably there maybe some due to legislation depending on your industry, however lets not restrict onboarding to the first 8 weeks, let’s push the boat right out and spend the entire first year nailing our onboarding.
  4. Personalise.  Adapt your onboarding to individuals needs, empowering them and their managers to tackle challenges as they arise.
  5. Onboarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Thanks to Carlene Cambell for this informative article. For more information about onboarding, please visit Navigate-HR's website.

Posted: Monday 18 June 2018

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