How Do I Do Keyword Research?

How Do I Do Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding the words and phrases people use to find your products or services on the web. Yes, it can be time consuming. It can also be confusing. Whether you’re using Google’s Keyword Planner or one of the other free keyword research tools, there are similar steps to work through.

You’ve probably got a bunch of keywords you want your website to rank with already. But now is the time to hunt out those you never even thought of. This can be done using one or several keyword tools, depending on the depth of research you want to do.

Having your page on page one in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is where you want to aim for. That’s because most people won’t click on sites which aren’t in the top ten results. The aim of keyword research is to help you choose the right words which get you on page one. Google’s Keyword Planner is the most commonly used tool and you can find out how to use it in our Keyword Planner instructional guide. Check out this article for other free keyword research tools. 

But there are also other ways to do keyword research. They include:

  • asking your audience what they would use
  • using your Google analytics data and internal search results
  • identifying the terms your audience are using in blog posts, online groups and social media
  • checking out what your competition is using in their web copy, social media and advertisements

For more information on how to do Keyword Research, make sure to check out Spotty Lizard's blog!

Posted: Sunday 10 June 2018

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