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Do You Need a Business Mentor?

Could a business mentor help you?

A business mentor can give you the knowledge that you don't already have, help you access their networks and  identify weaknesses and strengths in your business.

Or do you need a business coach?

A business coach can help provide you with specialised skills and advice. They ask the questions you're too scared to think about, plus help you form a plan to achieve your goals.

Or maybe a business advisor?

A business advisor will help with advice and support in a specific area, such as an accountant. They help you deal with a specific issue and can help make recommendations of what you should do next.

To help you decide between a business mentor, coach and advisor, ask yourself a few questions first:
  • what problem or issue do I want help with?
  • do I need one-off or ongoing help?
  • can I make the necessary changes to fix the problem, or will I need someone to help me?
  • am I open to advice from others, even if it is hard to hear?
If you've nailed down that you need a business mentor, then take a look at the specific things they can help you with next.

How a Business Mentor Can Help You & Your Business

A business mentor can provide multiple benefits, including:
  • being a sounding board for ideas
  • having the ability to ask questions and advice from
  • giving you a different perspective
  • helping develop your business skills
  • expanding your business network
  • offering up different strategies and methods of doing things
  • helping you move outside of your comfort zone
Our directory has plenty of fabulous business mentors, coaches and consultants; we are certain you'll find the perfect one for you!

Posted: Friday 17 January 2020

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