Comprehensive Guide to Funding Your Charity

Needing Funding for Your Charity?

It's always been challenging to find funding sources for a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Whether you are needing cash donations or physical items, we look at possible sources of funding available within New Zealand. 

Charitable Funding Options in NZ

When sourcing funding for your charity or not-for-profit, you have options from both specific funding organisations, as well as individual businesses and individuals.It is important to note that most of these options will only give to specific charities or needs. This makes it important that you first identify exactly what you need the funding for, and research who is most likely to give it to you. 

In New Zealand, some options for charitable or not-for-profit funding include:

Local businesses and organisations are also possible sources of funding. We look at options, plus tips on getting them on board with you and saying yes!

Getting Funding from Local Businesses

Many charities or not-for-profits often ask for funding support, be it financial or via donations from local businesses first. This is often seen as product donations for school pet days, raffle ticket items donations and funding for local sports teams. As local businesses are asked to support local causes on a regular basis, to be successful in your attempt, it's best to be well prepared by having:

  • written details about and photos on what you would like funding for
  • researched which local things they prefer to support
  • information about how you will acknowledge their contribution
  • a proposal to put forward to them
  • arranged a time to visit in person to discuss the funding

For more advice on obtaining funding for your website, please visit the Charities Services website. 

Posted: Monday 18 November 2019

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