Introduction to Business Networking

Introduction to Business Networking

What is Business Networking & How Can It Grow My Business?

Business networking is highly successful and proven way of increasing your business' visibility, customer base and profits!

The advantages of business networking online include:

  • greater exposure of your business
  • inexpensive
  • get ideas for new products or services
  • test out new business ideas for free
  • learn what the best practices are in your industry

Business networking involves developing mutually beneficial relationships with other business owners and potential customers. The aim of building these relationships is to let others know about the products or services your business provides and then turn them into customers.

Business networking grows successful businesses because it gives you a place to both share and receive knowledge about running a business, learn from the successes of others and get those all important referrals!

Benefits of Business Networking

Business networking is the best way of building a sustainable and successful business at next to no cost! The benefits of belonging to an online business networking group are:

  • you get free marketing
  • you can share your successes with others
  • helps you exchange fresh ideas
  • provides new business opportunities
  • expands your support network
  • becomes your knowledge resource bank
  • helps you enter a new market or area
  • raises both your own and your business' online visibility
  • builds your confidence
  • develops friendships with like minded others
  • learn new information
  • gets you new leads and referrals

How to Pick Which Business Networking Groups to Join

There are literally hundreds of online business networking groups. But the trick is to be selective and only join those groups which will be beneficial to you and your business.

In help you pick the best online networking group for you, consider these points first:

  • membership cost - free groups offer the best value
  • accessibility - do you need to login, leave messages for people or can you chat in real time within a Facebook group?
  • the type of support the group's administrators offer - a well run networking group has strong and knowledgeable business professionals at it's helm
  • the group's moderation - do the administrators keep the group free of spam and overly promotional posts? Are only genuine business owners and their representatives admitted to the group?
  • are there opportunities for members to learn new skills and knowledge from experts within the group?
  • can you share with others about your business and the way you do things?

Our new Business Networking group is free, lets you talk with others in a Facebook group, is run by experienced and successful business owners, is well moderated and offers opportunities to both share and learn skills and knowledge with other like minded people.

Join NZ's Free Business Networking Group

We have started a new Facebook based business networking group. Please join the group, even if you are not a customer of Website World. 

All businesses are also entitled to a free directory listing. If you are a Website Builder customer, you can manage your directory listings from within our CMS under the SEO tab, to ensure your listing gets enhanced listing status. If you are not a customer of Website World, then you can register a new listing in the directory.

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Posted: Sunday 3 June 2018

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